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Youth Ballet Classes

Why Warmups are Not Welcomed Wear in Youth Ballet Classes

Some people think it's permissible for ballet students to wear warm up clothes instead of dance leotards and ballet shoes in classes and rehearsals because magazines and films often show professional ballet dancers dressed this way at rehearsals. However this is never true in real life. In reality, warmups are only worn until the professionals have done enough stretching and preparation for class to warm their muscles, thus the name. Once they are warmed up, these clothes are discarded to reveal leotards underneath. The reason warm ups are not allowed is because they do not permit the teacher to observe and correct the positions and lines the dancers are assuming. Leotards and tights do. Besides, dance leotards, proper tights and ballet shoes are among the most comfortable articles of clothing and allow freedom of movement as well protect the muscles.

Another reason for this uniformity when it comes to students in youth ballet classes is that ballet demands a lot of discipline, and observing a dress code reminds students of this and helps them focus on their movements. Also when everyone observes the dress code, wearing the same color dance leotards and ballet shoes, there are fewer distractions. The particular dress code varies from dance studio and some, including Ms Lana's studio, require girls to wear their hair in a bun if it is long enough. Lana's Dance Centre has no requirement as to the color of leotards for class but does require tights and prefers they be pink. It's up to the individual student whether or not she wants to wear a tutu or snug-fitting biker shorts over leotards in class, but she should be prepared to take them off if the teacher requests her to. Boys are allowed to wear gym shorts and t-shirts and black ballet shoes. Girls wear pink ballet shoes.

For more specifics, parents can consult the required dance attire on

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