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Acrobatic Dance

The Importance of Acro Skills Reaches Beyond Acrobatic Gymnastics

Acrobatic gymnastics are one of the most widely viewed events when the Olympics are broadcast on TV every four years, and the Olympians become instant celebrities when they return home. While not every child who takes part in youth tumbling and acro classes will go on to become household Olympic names, those who take them will achieve balance and movement as well as skills that will benefit them out of class and remain with them for as long as they live. These include balance, flexibility, body alignment and the habit of thinking about foot placement before making what could be a risky move. 

Acrobatic dance also teaches students life lessons that can help them become better individuals long after they are grown. The same is true of youth tumbling and acro classes. These include

Discipline, not only to stay focused and put in hours of practice, but to decline invitations to parties or extracurricular school events that coincide with their acrobatic dance classes.

Determination to master new feats, face her fears, and stay positive no matter how many times she loses her balance.

Toughness to push through sore muscles, pain, and minor injury.

An appreciation for friendship and teamwork. Although initially acrobatic gymnastics students approach it as an individual sport, they eventually train with the same group of gymnasts in class and with whom they may take part in competitions as a team. And even if they compete individually they realize the importance of representing the dance studio.

Respect for authority that comes early from the trust students place in their acrobatic teachers and coaches.

For all these reasons, Lana Cornwell, the founder of Lana;s Dance Centre starts students journey into dance by including acro/tumbling in the Topsie Twirlie class for 2 to 3 year olds, along with creative and locomotive movement and further builds on it when they are 3 and 4 years olds and taking ballet/acro which begins with basic ballet but also includes acrobatics and tumbling. In fact, so important does the studio regard acro, it includes it as a choice for all age levels. for those unfamiliar with acro, it's a combination of dance and sport that combines classical movements found in ballet, modern jazz, yoga, and pilates with those learned in youth tumbling and acro classes.

Parents who are interested in learning more about youth tumbling and acro classes or acrobatic dance or any of the other dance classes given can go to the studio's website, and select the subject tab.

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