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Dance Studios Near Me

Are You Searching for ‘Dance Studios Near Me’ Around Clarksville?

Are you searching for ‘dance studios near me’ or for dance classes for children around Clarksville, TN? If so, go check out Lana’s Dance Centre, LLC. Lana's Dance Centre provides dance classes for children and adults in an environment that is beneficial to one’s mental, emotional, and physical health.

At Lana’s Dance Centre, LLC, they take pride in providing professional dance instruction with a curriculum that incorporates not only dance skills, but skills for any future endeavors in which your child may find a passion. Owner Lana Cornwall believes that the dedication, focus and hard work that your child puts into dance class will extend to other aspects in their life, hence her ongoing passion and love for teaching, and for her dancers and the art of dance. 

Lana discovered early in life that she was born to dance, and started teaching at the age of 16. She has traveled the country gathering valuable learning experiences and training, and has even spent time learning at acclaimed dance institutions, such as New York's Joffrey Ballet Company and the Alvin Ailey Dance group. Her passion for teaching dance has led her to open up Lana’s Dance Centre, where dancers can learn, share their emotions and express themselves through the art of dance while appreciating the importance of dedication, hard work, and balancing life.

So if you are looking for ‘dance studios near me’ or interested in dance classes for children around Clarksville, reach out to Lana’s Dance Centre, LLC for more information. 

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