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About Us

Lana’s Dance Centre is a family-based studio with classes for ages 18 months through adult. Here at Lana’s, we pride ourselves in professional dance instruction with a curriculum that incorporates not only dance skills, but skills for any future endeavors in which your child may find a passion. We encourage self-improvement, self-empowerment, creativity, team-building, and discipline while providing mental and physical stimulation in a positive environment. We provide classes in ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, pointe, modern, contemporary, hiphop, creative movement, acro, tumbling, progressions, musical theatre & more. The placement of students and the duration of each class is determined by age, previous experience, subject, and the current level of skill. We invite anyone and everyone, despite experience or disabilities, to join us in his/her dance journey.


We provide state of the art dance studios with monitors for parents, family, and friends to be involved in their dancer’s growth and experience while minimizing distractions. We encourage age-appropriate music, dress, and choreography. We provide two performances every year- our Christmas and June Recital. The Christmas recital runs like a Broadway show, following a story or plot line, while our June recital is a themed recital. We provide an opportunity to compete regionally and nationally, however, we are not a competition-based studio, and students are not required to participate. Our company is an award-winning competition team with many title winners and dancers that have been regionally, nationally, and internationally recognized. They are required to attend numerous classes in which both competitive and non-competitive dancers are encouraged and allowed to participate. Private instruction is also available.


We enjoy giving back to the community by performing at local charity and community events. Lana’s Dance Centre has been nominated for Best of Clarksville’s Best Dance Studio, and was voted Fort Campbell’s favorite dance studio.


Our beliefs: -

Each child is an individual. Not one person learns the same way as another, therefore, we will work to accommodate each person to ensure understanding and improvement.


-Dance is a passion and is an activity full of blood, sweat, and tears. We encourage students to share their emotions and express themselves through the art of dance while appreciating the importance of dedication, hard work, and balancing life. -Dance is not about the trophy or award. Dance is about empowerment and self-improvement. No one should compare him/herself to another individual. Each journey is special and specific to the individual growth.


-Dance is fun, but it is also about determination, technique, and attention to detail. Not every day will be a perfect day, but our instructors strive to make you a better dancer and person while promoting self-esteem and improvement. It is a dancer’s job to practice what is given in the studio, outside of the studio. Becoming a dancer is not an overnight process, and is not for those who believe in instant gratification. Hard work, dedication, and persistence is key.


-Love, support, kindness, and encouragement are qualities we like our dancers to have. Although we teach each person as an individual, we recognize the importance of a team and the ability to work with others. Our classes incorporate group activities and we want all dancers to cheer for each other. Our dancers should not only accept, but respect and be kind to any individual, despite differences in personality, culture, skill level, age, or any other aspects of life.


About the Owner:

Ms. Lana Cornwell, the owner and director of Lana’s Dance Centre, was raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina where she met her husband, Danny, and had three children- Brandon, Nick and Dana. While growing up, dance was her outlet for expression and relief. She fell in love with the art of dance, started teaching at 16, and decided to open her own studio, in Fayetteville, at the age of eighteen. After eleven successful years as a studio owner, her husband was stationed at Fort Campbell, and she closed the Fayetteville location. She wanted to continue educating individuals in dance and opened Lana’s Dance Centre, here in Clarksville, in 2003.  Ms. Lana trained in NC, SC, Arizona, Kansas, Las Vegas, the Giordano studio in Chicago; Steps, Broadway Dance Centre, Joffrey’s Ballet Company, Alvin Ailey in New York. She attended the World Jazz Congress, numerous conventions and training programs, and is certified in Acrobatic Arts, Alexa Flexibility. Her students have continued to dance professionally in performances for: Disney, various Broadway shows in NY City, Carnival cruise ships, universities such as North Carolina School of the Arts and well known studios throughout the world, commercials, college dance teams like UTC Knoxville, UTC Chattanooga and professional sports team dancers like Memphis Grizzlies. Lana has also supported and inspired her students to follow their dreams of teaching dance at various dance studios and colleges as well as open their own studios throughout various states. Lana also works in the community, choreographing for local schools. She continues to show passion and love for her dancers and the art of dance. She is committed to providing an experience that is beneficial to mental, emotional, and physical health.


About our Teachers:

We provide a professional staff that is committed to furthering their dance education. Our instructors travel throughout the states to attend master classes and professional conventions with world renowned artists. At these conventions, they receive small group and individual training in proper technique, choreography, new approaches to teaching a diverse body of students, and professionalism.

Little Break Dance
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