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We Sell Required Dance Attire Needed for Class


Please secure hair for all classes!!! Buns required for ballet! Hair must be off neck (ponytail etc) and out of face including long bangs for all class subjects!!  No dangling jewelry! Be prepared to remove jewelry especially for acro/tumbling. Wear proper dance attire and footwear for each class! Never have gum, candy, food, drink, or cell phones in class! All Shoes MUST be purchased at our studio.


BALLET - Leotards any color (prefer sleeveless or short sleeve).Tights are required! Pink are preferred, but tan and black are okay- NO SHINEY!  Our Revolution tights and are highly recommend & required for recitals for unity of performance. Revolution Pink ballet shoes: (should have snug fit)*elastic must be sewn on! Revolution stretch leather ballet shoe is required for ages 2-6 because they have no strings to play with! This brand also matches our required tights for recitals. Revolution stretch canvas, canvas, or stretch leather ballet shoes for age 7-9. Revolution canvas or stretch canvas ballet shoes for ages 10 & up. Ballet skirts and tight biker shorts over leotards ok, but must be prepared to remove them upon teacher’s request. No Gym Shorts!!!!  No other excess clothing allowed! TANK TOPS ARE CONSIDERED EXCESS CLOTHING!!! Hair must be worn in a bun. Must be off neck and out of face at all times! Keep secure! Should not have to keep redoing hair during class!  Black ballet shoes for boys. Boys can wear shorts and t-shirts. Pointe Shoes:  TO BE PURCHASED @ Spell’s in Nashville. (Must have Ms Lana’s permission to wear Pointe shoes)   


Lyrical /Contemporary/Modern –  Same attire as ballet. Tan Pedini or jazz shoes for lyrical. Teen classes are required to wear certain Revolution tan jazz shoes for lyrical. Foot undeez for modern/Contemporary.  **Shoes must be purchased at our studio.


TAP - Revolution Black Ushell Buckle Tap Shoes for 2 to 6 yr olds. Once child outgrows buckle tap (only goes up to size 3) Black Revolution Jazz Tap are required. These have adjustable taps and shoe laces. Any dance leotard or top, tights, biker shorts or Capri dance pants. Teacher must be able to see your feet always! *Boys wear Revolution Black TIE tap shoes. ADV Tappers- Black Jason Samuel shoes. **Shoes must be purchased at our studio.


JAZZ - Any color leotard & Tights No T-shirts!  (biker shorts ok with tights).NO Street Clothes! Slip on Tan Revoltuion Jazz shoes. *Certain color of shoes may be required for recital and you can always dye tan shoes. **Shoes must be purchased at our studio.


Musical Theatre  - Same attire as jazz. Black Character shoes for ages 8 & up. Revolution Tan Pedini for age 5-7. ** Shoes must be purchased at our studio. 


PROGRESSIONS - Any color leotard & tights (biker shorts ok over tights) NO Basketball or Running Shorts!! Tan or Black Jazz or pedini shoes only! No jazz pants.  


ACRO– Dancers need the following TWO yoga blocks: 2”x8”x12” and 4”x6”x9” (one of each size). Any color leotard/biketard & tights—must be footless, stirrup, or convertible. Barefoot—No Shoes!  No Stinky Feet! Biker shorts ok…No Jazz pants!  No excess clothing!  No street clothes! (Tank tops are considered excess clothing) *Yoga blocks can be found at Yoga or Amazon


HIP HOP - Any style dance clothes or loose fitting clothing that will not hinder movements. Girls- Revolution sequin high tops for age 4-9 class and Black high top Hip Hop shoes for boys age 4-9 class. Tan hip hop work boots age 10 & up classes required (these will not leave black mark floors like others) NO STREET SHOES allowed on dance floors. Hip hop shoes must be purchased through us.  Color and Style depends on class level. DRESS FUNKY! Beanies ok. **Hip Hop Shoes Must be purchased at our the studio.


MALES - Sleeveless T-shirts—Not oversized!  Short sleeves ok if rolled up. Gym shorts, cutoff sweat pants or tight ankle pants. Teacher must be able to see knees & feet! *See Hip Hop for that class attire. Shoes: Black ballet shoes, Black jazz shoes, Black Revolution Jazz Tap shoe. **Shoes must be purchased at our studio.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - *Always have black leotard and pink tights available for auditions & workshops. Certain brands and color may be required for recitals when it comes to shoes and tights. Black tap shoes for everyone. Certain brands, colors and styles will be required for competition! This will be decided according to routine at later date. These competition tights and shoes should not be worn during regular class.  They should be kept for competitions!  Some classes may warm up barefooted but dancers must have proper shoes for class before class starts!!!! *Remember dark tan jazz shoes can always be dyed black.

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