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Competitive Dance Classes

From Hip Hop to Competitive Dance Classes - Something For Everyone

Lana's Dance Centre realizes dance is a broad enough category to include styles other than ballet, tap, and jazz. Having watched the rise of Hip Hop and its wide appeal, the dance studio also noticed the seemingly freestyle movements developed on urban streets of New York's Bronx neighborhoods actually rely on extreme control and uniform technique - just like ballet. Break dance, popping, isolations, krumping, all once puzzling terms, have now become part of official dance vocabulary.

And so the dance studio not only began to offer youth hip hop classes, but to include a class devoted to hip hop, starting with students in the 4 to 7 year old age group. The class takes advantage of the age group's natural flexibility to introduce basic tricks and the hip hop lingo for each move. Many of these young dancers become so enamored of, and skilled at the dance moves that they go on to progress through beginner, intermediate, and advanced youth hip hop classes and emerge, ready for comparison with the pros.

Hip hop is not for everyone, nor is the appeal of competition. But students who have a competitive spirit can get an opportunity to size themselves up against their peers by taking part in regional and national competitions. Although Lana's Dance Centre does not stress competition, it does offer competitive dance classes in all genres as an option for those students interested in participating. And the studio is proud to say that, while it is competition is not their main focus like technique and becoming a quality dancer is, its dance teams have gone on to make it proud, going on to become title winners and to garner local, regional, national, and international recognition.

Speaking of recognition and renown, while Ms Lana Cornwell doesn't boast, she's very proud of the fact that her studio was named multiple times Fort Campbell's favorite studio for dance and always nominated for the Best Dance Studio in Clarksville. However she is not shy about giving credit where it is due - to her dedicated staff of instructors, all of whom are talented dancers in their own right, each and every one. Lana's Dance Centre is known for turning out strong technical and compassionate dancers.

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