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Virtual Dance Classes

How Do Virtual Dance Classes Work?

The CoronaVirus pandemic has upended 2020 in many ways, and it seems unlikely that life as it existed before March will return to normal this year. There are ongoing attempts to open schools but the hours and location of classes differs from state to state and town to town. Some school districts are holding in-building classes. Others are resorting much as they did last school year, to online classes only. Still others have adopted a hybrid model. In order to maintain social distancing, half the students physically attend classes two days a week while the other half attends online classes. The next two days the groups change places and on the remaining fifth day, everyone attends online.

Dance schools are facing difficult decisions as well. They realize many parents are loath to send their children to physical classes, but they worry that dance students, even those practicing on their own, need lessons lest they lose the progress they were making in their dance classes. As gyms open, many dance studios too are opening their doors, but not all. Some, like the local public schools, are offering only virtual dance classes while others follow the hybrid alternative by becoming both a traditional and online dance studio.

Dance studios that opt for the traditional and online dance studio model hold in person dance classes as usual for students who are comfortable with attending. However the particular online dance mode they adopt differs from studio to studio.

  • Some are offering live online classes via Zoom

  • Others are streaming virtual dance classes for those who can view and take part in real time and archiving each class so other students can partake at their own convenience.

  • Still others are reaching out with personalized one-on-one lessons via Skype so students can ask questions and receive instant feedback from their instructor.


In Clarksville TN, Lana's Dance Centre is following the traditional and online dance studio format, giving students choice in how they resume their dance lessons. Both returning and new students at the dance studio are advised to contact the dance studio to find out what their options are.

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