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  1. I understand the COVID-19 virus has a long incubation period during which carriers of the virus may or may not show symptoms and could be highly contagious.

  2. I understand that I may have an elevated risk of contracting the virus by attending classes at Lana’s Dance Centre, LLC even though they have implemented extra precautions with cleaning & sanitizing the studio.

  3. If I start to show symptoms of COVID-19 within 48 hours (2 days) of being at the studio I will contact the studio to let them know.

  4. I will let the studio know if my dancer tests positive for Covid-19 if they had been at the studio (4 days prior) to the test.

  5. I understand that a dancer cannot attend classes at the studio while waiting for Covid-19 test results to come back but can attend through zoom.

  6. I understand that if I have been around someone (within 6 feet for longer than 15 minutes) that has tested positive for Covid-19 then I must follow CDC guidelines.  I understand the dancer can  attend class virtually with zoom if they have to miss class due to covid. There will be no refunds or adjustments to accounts due to Covid-19 or any other reason.

  7. I understand that should my child test positive for Covid-19 they must quarantine for 5 days & be fever /symptom free for 48 hours before returning to the studio.

  8. I understand at this time parents are allowed in the lobby for business purposes only. No viewing is permitted in the lobby at this time. You may view through zoom links

  9. Masks are optional at this time.

  10.  Dancers must sanitize their hands before entering and leaving each studio. They must also sanitize their hands and body parts (to include elbows and arms) if they sneeze or cough.  

  11. Street shoes  & dance bags are to be left in the cubbies/lobby/hallway area.

  12. We have a water bottle filling station so dancers may bring a water bottle (Water ONLY) if needed.  We also sell water for $1 if needed. 

  13. If a dancer becomes sick while at the studio or show symptoms of Covid-19 or illness they must isolate from others immediately and leave the premises as soon as possible. 

  14. Dancers are not required to wear masks while they are dancing and if they chose to do so Lana’s Dance Centre, Lana Cornwell, nor the staff will be responsible for any health issues due to dancing with their mask on. This may change at anytime.

  15. If a dancer choses to wear a mask while dancing, we advise dancers to wear more of a form styled mask that doesn’t have the fabric directly up against their mouth. The ones that hold their shape and form away for their mouth and nose will be better for them. 

  16. Dancers are NOT allowed to bring cell phones into the studios.

  17.  I confirm that the dancer(s) or parent upon entering the studio/premises does NOT show any of the following symptoms of COVID-19:          1. Fever–Temperature Above 100.4 degrees  2. Shortness of breath  3.Loss of Sense of Taste or Smell  4. Dry Cough 5.Runny Nose 6.Sore Throat 7.Chills 8. Headache or Muscle Pain

  18. I understand that at any given time that class might be required to meet virtually. Example would be if the guidelines by the county require us to close again or should there be too many cases, or a teacher is affected. (Our goal is to continue in person with the virtual option as long as we are allowed to do so).

  19.  Should the classes have to switch to zoom classes then dancers will still remain enrolled and normal withdrawal policies still stay in effect. (See withdrawal policies) Any payments for classes, costumes, recital t-shirts, any and all competition costs, and recital costs are NOT refundable.

  20.  All rooms, hallway, lobby & restrooms will be disinfected at the end of each night to include mopping floors, cleaning stereo equipment, door knobs, light switches. Should we have too many cases of Covid-19 and feel that the studio needs to be closed for an even deeper clean we will notify everyone and classes will go virtual temporarily.

  21. If my dancer has chosen “in person” training but needs to switch to online (zoom) training I will let the studio know as soon as possible by emailing us at so the proper zoom links can be sent to appropriate dancer.  

  22. If my dancer has chosen “virtual training” and would like to switch to in person training I know that I must email the studio at to make sure that there is availability in the in person class the dancer wishes to attend in person.

  23. I understand that should my child wish to participate in the recital/ end of the year show that he/she must attend in person classes.  (he/she will still have the zoom option if needed for quarantine purposes only)

  24. I confirm that I have read and will follow the studio’s guidelines.

  25. I confirm that I have not traveled outside the United States within the past 14 days.

  26. I understand that Covid -19 has been proven to be asymptomatic in some people therefore Lana’s Dance Centre, LLC, Lana Cornwell, nor any of their employees cannot guarantee or be held liable if you or your child becomes infected with Covid-19 or any other virus known or unknown. I and the dancer assumes all risks related to dancing at Lana’s Dance Centre, LLC to include personal injury, illness, permanent disability and death.

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